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By recognizing the critical role of the food and alternant industry in the economy and proper use of thecountry's vast reserves with an emphasis on self-esteem in order to meet the basic needs of food industry, Shahdineh Aran has started its activities in this field. The company began its activity with installation and commissioning of the sugar (Glucose) plant and the production of 17,000 tons of glucose per year in an area of 22,000 square meters. Then, in 2003, with the aim of quantitative and qualitative growth of products and with installation and commissioning of the world's most advanced machinery and the use of experts and experienced staff as well as chemical and biological laboratory under the supervision of quality control, it managed to provide products in accordance with national and international standards. This company is the first company that has designed to make effluent starch after concentrating by evapodietary method with the use of different dryers including the biggest spray dryer made and installed in the food industry and turn it into usable materials in animal feed which cause to minimise environmental pollution furthurmore.

At the present,the annual production capacity of the company is as follows:

 Distinctive and clear glucose 18000 tons
 ultra-refined starch 17000 tons
Vital Wheat gluten 2400   tons
Glumatine 1500   tons
pellet-binder 1500   tons

.Development process of Shahdineh Aran Co   
download  In 1998, it was established.
download  In 1998-2001, glucose unit was installed and launched.
download  In 2001- 2005, gluten and starch unit was launched and operated.
download  In 2006-2008, distillation refinery system was launched and operated.
download  In 2006, glucose production capacity of 50 tons per day increased to 65 tons per day.
download  In 2013-2016, the project of increasing the production capacity of starch and gluten unit, and modernizing and updating                   technology with a capacity of 168 tons per day was started and completed.
download  In 2016, construction and installation and launching the largest drying unit, type of spray, in the food industries for the production         of animal feed additives from industrial wastewater plant.

download In 2017,Construction of flour storage silos with a capacity of 1200 tons



  • Address: Iran,Isfahan,Jey Industrial Zone,         Main Street, No. 29
  • Phone: +9831-35721754-9
  • Fax:    +9831-35721760
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