Shahdineh Aran believes that Iranians deserve to have the best; and by this belief, they attempts to make the best for society. So, we believe that it is our duty to increase our ability in the way that we can identify different nutritional needs of society in order to meet them.
We are going to deliver the products with high quality by using the knowledge and technology available to our customers. By applying a quality management and substantial investment along with knowledge and experience background, Shahdineh Aran has been able to acquire their proper place among the producers in this field. The company hopes it can also help the food industry and its partners in the coming years.

 Therefore, to achieve these goals, we have assigned the following activities:

download Market development and supply of competitive products in the target market.

download Enhancing the knowledge and skills and the ability of staff in order to become familiar with the principles ofhealth and food                safety.

download Increasing the quality and safety of products to enhance customer satisfaction.

download Increasing variety of products.

download Developing applied research in order to enhance the level and quality of production.



  • Address: Iran,Isfahan,Jey Industrial Zone,         Main Street, No. 29
  • Phone: +9831-35721754-9
  • Fax:    +9831-35721760
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