Quality control


Inspection and quality control unit is one of the main poles in the Shahdineh Company which controls all products from the arrival of raw materials by having a well-equipped laboratory in both laboratory and microbiological sector; also it ensures the production of the products with high quality and standards in accordance with the consumer’s need in order to deliver into the consumer market.

By using the technical personnel and advanced equipment available, in the laboratory of Shahdineh, the following tests are done:

download Determining the amount of moisture

download Ash, acid insoluble ash, sulfated ash, Protein,Fiber, Fat, PH, Brix, PH, Brix

downloadDE dextrose equivalent

downloadTotal acidity and determining water hardness in Caco

Also, biological sector of this unit includes culture room, setting room and the incubation room. In terms of equipment, it has incubator machine, oven, autoclave, microscope and perfect devices for culture and light glassy supplies; as well, it is able to do all bacterial testing of food including total bacterial count, counting and searching Ecoli, Staphylococcus aureus, coliform and mold spores and mold identification.

Laboratory Manager are responsible for obtaining the relevant permits, preparing and reporting it to the authorities and leading laboratories towards the improvement of the quality of manufactured products of the company



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